Monday, 9 August 2004

The Numptocracy at work

This just about says it all, doesn't it?
COUNCIL officials in Robert Burns country have come under fire after posting major blunders about the national bard on its official website. East Ayrshire Council managed to get Burns’s birth and death dates wrong, claiming he was born in 1740 and died in 1795, when he would have been 55. In fact, the poet was born at Alloway in 1759 and died in Dumfries in 1796, aged 37.
I guess things have changed since I was at school in Ayrshire. In those far off days we had to know rather a lot about the bard. It's unbelievable that the Council didn't realise that the Burns monument in its own town had been boarded up because they "could not afford on-site security". Why don't the Kilmarnock numpties guard the monument themselves? That would be far more useful than anything they get up to in the Council HQ.

I read that:

A spokesman for East Ayrshire Council said yesterday: "The mistakes were rectified as soon as they were brought to our attention."
Not good enough. They should have got it right themselves.

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Alastair Ross
The Burns monument could be easily protected from philistines and vandals if the Bard`s latter-day Masonic brethern were willing to meet the cost. As Scotland has more Freemasons per capita than any other country, the expense would be trifling.

17 August 2004, 07:37:31 GMT+01:00