Sunday 2 January 2005

Jonathan Gullible

I was pleased to come across this excellent animated presentation of the libertarian philosophy. It is based on the wonderful Jonathan Gullible book by Ken Schoolland whom I heard speaking at the ISIL conference in France a few years ago. The book has been translated into 30 languages as can be seen on this impressive list. As well as the video, I can thoroughly recommend Ken's book. It will appeal to children of all ages, although it may be a bit challenging for politicians.

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David Farrer said...

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Milo Thurston
It works nicely on my Gentoo system (, too.

3 January 2005, 20:01:05 GMT
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David Farrer
Thanks Andrew. Apparently it is working OK on a couple of PCs in England as well. Perhaps the Macs in Hawaii are still celebrating New Year...

3 January 2005, 17:13:13 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
David works fine for me and I am on a Mac.

3 January 2005, 13:37:33 GMT
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David Farrer
May I ask Andrew and Stuart if they were able to access the flash animation OK and whether they use a Mac or a PC? Ken Schoolland tells me that he can't access it on his Mac although mine works fine. 
PS The candidate for West Kilbride would get to meet Nicola Benedetti, the famous resident. I can see a rush of applications.... 
PPS The Lochgelly candidate would enjoy reminiscing about the good old days!

2 January 2005, 18:56:39 GMT
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Au contraire! 
I am more concerned with the substantive failings of libertarianism than with cheap pot shots. 
However, that does not mean I will abstain from cheap pot shots for the whole of 2005. Sometimes you guys are just too easy to resist. 
(Did you note the omission of quotation marks? That's my New Year's present to you guys: just a mite of respect. Do not expect my bounty of goodwill to be enless; appreciate it while it lasts. Of course, it could last longer if even one of you had the guts to stand under the Scottish Libertarian banner at the coming general election. It is time one of you put your time and money where your mouth is. Got a spare five hundred pound deposit anyone? Be prepared to wave farewell to it forever. 
I would love to be a fly on the wall as you go canvassing on the cheery streets of Lochgelly or West Kilbride. "Libertarian meet Mr Reality. Reality, meet Mr Libertarian.")

2 January 2005, 18:19:53 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
Jonathan GULLIBLE? 
That is a pseudonym I suppose. 
Oh dear, Stuart is just going to make hay with this, I can see it coming.

2 January 2005, 17:47:24 GMT