Friday 10 June 2005

Culture Notes

Some things are more important than politics. I am reliably informed by "the powers that be" that next week will see the return of the Oxford Bar pie machine.

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Title: Culture Notes 
Excerpt: Some things may indeed be more important than politics; if so this is a reminder that all politics is local.... 
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12 June 2005, 20:20:43 GMT+01:00
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I lived in Edinburgh from 1971-1977 and was a regular customer of the Oxford Bar when its owner Willie Ross did not countenance food. On one occasion when some poor deluded soul asked for crisps Willie came out from behind the bar,his customary Capstan Full Strength in mouth, and took him outside; pointing at the facade of the howff he asked pointedly, 'Where does it say restaurant?'

10 June 2005, 20:46:57 GMT+01:00