Friday 9 September 2005

Cymruphobia in Glasgow

A football fan has been fined for calling a Celtic player a wee Welsh bastard. No, it wasn't the heightism or the parentism that was the problem but the "racism". The Welsh are a race? That's news to me and I must say that I think that our courts are in a grip of an incurable madness. I note that girthism and gingerism are not yet offences, but will get you a telling-off from the police:
Questioned by Bonar's lawyer, Iain McSporran, why he had been arrested, PC McLeod said he believed it had been "a racist comment".

Mr McSporran then asked what would have happened had a fan abused Bellamy's ex-team-mates John Hartson by calling him "a fat b*****d" or Neil Lennon "a ginger b*****d".

The PC said he would have told off the person involved - but would not have arrested him or her as that was not deemed an offence.

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David Farrer said...

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Phil Hunt
A bit inconsistent since ginger hair is certainly a racial characteristic.

22 September 2005, 10:47:20 GMT+01:00
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Strange. When will we see prosecutions for the use of "English poof" as an insult? Not only racist, but "homophobic" too...

13 September 2005, 11:53:36 GMT+01:00
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Fat, Ginger Bastards: Unloved, Even By The Law.

10 September 2005, 01:20:21 GMT+01:00
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Steve Borodin
If the Welsh are a race, then Americans are. Yipee, the entire staff of the BBC will be in Jail in a day or two. Or doesn't it work like that?

9 September 2005, 17:43:14 GMT+01:00
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Mr Rhys
Good comeback by Mr McSporran

9 September 2005, 13:17:06 GMT+01:00
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Mark Holland
Mr McSporran? 
Hoots, wee bonny lad!

9 September 2005, 12:32:33 GMT+01:00