Sunday 5 March 2006

Global warming hits back at politicians!

I note that Bjorn Lomborg is to visit Holyrood:
A CONTROVERSIAL author who claims climate change has been exaggerated has been invited to address MSPs.

Bjorn Lomborg, who argues that the world should end its “obsession” with global warming, will make his case in the parliament later this year. The move has been welcomed by his critics, who say the Danish academic’s appearance will give them a chance to expose his views.

I had hoped that Mr Lomborg would be able to expose some of the myths about global warming. But I have a horrible feeling that the Greens may hold a trump card:
STRONG sunlight and weak glue may have been the fateful combination which caused a beam to swing loose from the roof of the debating chamber at the Scottish Parliament, an architectural expert claimed today.
It was the sunlight wot did it!

(By the way, if the Parliament had been built in Glasgow there would have been none of this nonsense about "weak glue".)

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David Farrer said...

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Half Canadian
Nothing like hyperbole to make you look like a fool. 
Much like our politicians over here.

10 March 2006, 22:33:56 GMT
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Neil Craig
"Green MSP Mark Ballard said he looked forward to exposing Lomborg’s views to rigorous analysis. 
“We welcome any visit by Bjorn Lomborg to Scotland as a chance to expose the weakness of his arguments,” he said.  
A spokesman for the Scottish Socialist Party said: “Bjorn Lomborg appears to advocate the right of big business to spew poisons into the air and water without penalty.”" 
I look forwrd to some rigorous analysis from these bufoons. Very good for Fergus Ewing.

9 March 2006, 18:06:03 GMT
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I knew it would come to this! You Scots were so penny pinching while building this world shaking monument to fatuity. Surely those MSPs knew that the English taxpayers would run to a further few millions for a proper pot of glue?

6 March 2006, 17:14:28 GMT
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Glue? Are they telling us now that it cost half a billion pounds for a balsa kit?

6 March 2006, 12:43:02 GMT