Sunday 26 March 2006

Only following orders

About twice a year I get a nasty cold. It always starts with a sore throat, then there's a lot of sneezing and next the chest gets bunged up. After a few days it gets better. The latest cold started on Thursday. When I went to see the doctor a few years ago he prescribed no pills but gave two instructions:

(1) Take a lot of rest, and
(2) Avoid smoky pubs.

I finished work early on Friday and went straight home without enjoying an end of-week pint. This morning I "rested" by lying on the sofa and reading some more of William Hague's biography of William Pitt. But what about the second instruction?

It suddenly dawned on me that the Scottish parliament's latest attack on property rights that came into force today must have been timed to coincide with my cold. So I went to the (non-smoky) pub and had a couple of pints.

Only following the doctor's orders.

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Ian Dodge
The land of Adam Smith and some other great thinkers on liberty turning towards sad really.

27 March 2006, 13:14:22 GMT+01:00
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no! it's even worse than that. the scottish parliament isn't hacking away at people's rights in order to 'protect' others. it's doing it to protect the offenders themselves. that's an even worse motive.

26 March 2006, 21:39:58 GMT+01:00
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Anon A Moss
Drinking is not good for you either, and sometimes when people are drunk they inflict violence on other people who are not drunk, and so the Reichstagg, I mean the Scottish Parliament, might have to ban drinking in public places too 9to protect non drinkers from passice drinking). After that, who knows? Deep fried Marsbars, deep fried anything? Don't fat people harm the health of thin people?

26 March 2006, 19:06:18 GMT+01:00