Thursday 2 March 2006

Your taxes at work

Do you remember reading about the new policy for ministerial cars that was announced recently:
THEY are fashionable, environment-friendly and even allow the driver to escape the congestion charge.

Ministers are to receive the first green cars to grace the Government’s fleet.

In future they will be given a choice of ministerial vehicle: the Toyota Prius, also a petrol-electric hybrid used by the Prince of Wales, or a Jaguar powered by “clean” biodiesel.

I just happened to be walking past Bute House at around 8.45 this morning and couldn't help noticing that one of Scotland's ministerial limos was parked on the yellow line, no doubt waiting for the appearance of our Jack. I suppose that one can just about justify a car for our top politician, but it's not very environmentally friendly for the chauffeur to keep the engine running while the First Minister finishes his porridge. Next time, I'll perform a citizen's arrest.

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