Monday 3 April 2006

Apologies ...

... for no recent postings. Among other things that have precluded blogging, I went down to Sussex at the end of last week for the funeral of Chris Tame.

Since returning home, I have received this e-mail from Sean Gabb:

Dear David,

I am writing to thank all who attended the funeral yesterday of Chris Tame. We all managed in our various ways to make the service dignified and memorable. I am sure that Chris would have been moved and honoured to see so many of those who meant so much to him come to pay tribute to him.

A full DVD recording of the service will be made available in due course for those who could not attend and for those who did attend and wish to have some permanent record of the occasion. For those who did attend, there will be no charge. For anyone else, there will be a small charge to cover burning and posting of the disk.

There will also be a full audio file of the service on the Libertarian Alliance website.

Best wishes to all,
Sean Gabb
Director, the Libertarian Alliance

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