Friday 28 April 2006

He's after you

Gordon Brown is an MP for Fife. I note that "Economy" was moored in Anstruther Harbour last Sunday. How appropriate to observe "Taxit" lurking nearby. (To the left of "Hotplate")

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David Farrer said...

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Andy Wood
Make sure you take a gun with you. There's a sign at the entrance saying "Weapons must be carried at all times."

29 April 2006, 07:05:22 GMT+01:00
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Not so far. I must go there sometime.

29 April 2006, 06:32:51 GMT+01:00
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Andy Wood
Have you been to the Secret Bunker, just north of Anstruther? It's well worth a visit.

28 April 2006, 13:46:06 GMT+01:00