Friday 23 June 2006


Work commitments mean that posts will be few and far between (if at all) for the next week or so.

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David Farrer said...

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You could try Shuggy's Blog. He's a sort of recovering Lefty, but more an Oakeshott and Burke fan than a Hayekian.

29 June 2006, 15:12:12 GMT+01:00
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Wild Pegasus
While I wait, are there any other Scottish libertarian blogs? Or in the Celtic world at all? I'd love to read more from Irish, Welsh, Manx, Breton, and Scottish libertarians. 
- Josh

27 June 2006, 21:02:45 GMT+01:00
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Martin Kelly
Haste ye back.

24 June 2006, 05:03:18 GMT+01:00