Monday 5 June 2006


This article by Duncan Hamilton is behind the Scotsman's subscription wall, but this is priceless:
SOMEONE with too much time on their hands once discovered that "Tony Blair MP" is an anagram of "I'm Tory Plan B".
Actually, that's not the priceless bit - I read that one years ago.

But how about this:

one anagram of "Conservative" is "craven soviet".

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David Farrer said...

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Cllr Stuart Randall
Of course, the all-time Babel Fish-like proof that there is (or is not) a God came from the realisation that Virginia Bottomley is an anagram of "I'm an evil Tory bigot". Poor gal!

11 July 2006, 14:26:16 GMT+01:00
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Jack Maturin
Ah, now that's a good one. I may recycle it at some point, to help gain favour with Greenpeace.

21 June 2006, 22:19:11 GMT+01:00