Friday 16 June 2006


This article by the Liberal Democrat group chairman on Edinburgh council is behind the Scotsman's subscription window. Nevertheless, comment is necessary.

Councillor Rev Dr George Grubb writes at length about the "good old days" when the police were usually on the side of the law-abiding and hadn't yet become Gramscian tyrants. In general, I agreed with the Councillor until I came to this bit:

It is impossible to turn back the clock. Police discretion may be the casualty of too much legislation on individual rights.
What rubbish. The legislation that's caused so much trouble (supported by the LibDems) hasn't been in favour of individual rights, but against them. That's what the Gramscian project is all about. "Individual rights" aren't about doing whatever one wants, but about doing what one wants as long as one doesn't infringe upon the equal rights of others. In the good old days Liberals understood such matters.

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