Saturday, 8 July 2006

Anyone for tennis?

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From Money Week of 30th June:

Lebedev, 46, is the first to admit that the KGB taught its recruits the value of elitism. "Tennis was encouraged, so you could move easily in high society in the West," he told the New York Times in 2000.
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From Ryrie's Bar at lunchtime today:

Can't we change at least one of the TVs to the golf? Who plays tennis in this place?
At least the anti-elitist Scottish working class is immune from the charms of the KGB!

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David Farrer said...

Comment made on previous template:

Joe Dirvin
The KGB agent-recruitng method, as experienced by a friend,included plying the target with copious amounts of booze in the hope of loosening the tongue. Knowing how much pleasure many Scots derive from a glass or ten, I think the Russian recruiter would be first under the table and indeed that is exactly what happened in the case of my pal.

12 July 2006, 08:08:18 GMT+01:00