Thursday 13 July 2006

The trip

Since we returned from holiday I've been busy sorting out the 600-odd photographs that were taken. Three were posted here earlier. The full set will eventually be available on my Flickr account.

Here are a few taken on departure from Copenhagen.

The first port of call was Tallinn. Apart from a couple of hours in East Berlin just after the Wall came down, this was my first visit to the former (?) Soviet Empire.

It's obvious that a vast amount of money has been spent on the renovation of Tallinn's old town. Photos are here. Next to the old town is - surprise, surprise - the new town. But unlike its Edinburgh namesake, this one really is new and the small bit that I saw looked much the same as any other sizable city elsewhere in northern Europe. I have no idea what Estonia looks like outside the tourist-friendly centre of Tallinn, but of course the country has one of the lowest tax regimes in the EU and perhaps other parts are prospering too. Naturally, Tallinn boasts an Irish-Scottish pub.

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