Monday 16 April 2007

ASBOs: nothing new

From Europe: A History by Norman Davies:
In the late eleventh century, when a Byzantine princess arrived in Venice to marry the Doge, it was found that she ate her food with a golden fork. She was reprimanded by the Bishop for anti-social behaviour.

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David Farrer said...

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Absolutely right, too. Isn't a silver spoon good enough for some people, they have to show off with their golden fork as well?

23 April 2007, 15:36:04 GMT+01:00
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Important newsflash, David.

20 April 2007, 19:25:16 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Venice, being a rising power, would be trying to intimidate the Byzantines by proving what they thought to be good manners. In a modern version we try to intimidate China, Sudan etc by reprmanding them about human rights. 
In due course Venice proved their manners by arranging the 4th Crusade - the one that brought shock & awe to Constantinople. We do stuff like that too.

19 April 2007, 14:36:40 GMT+01:00