Monday 16 April 2007

Helping the poor

The usual suspects are going on about world poverty again:
Scotland's political parties set out their plans on international aid at a hustings event on Sunday.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if a candidate - even one - were simply to call for a policy of unilateral free trade?

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Richard Havers
Wouldn't it be great if they just shut up about such things? I am as concerned as they are about our role on international aid, but it's as though they just talk about it to tick the box. Until we get a whole lot better at dealing with the issues on our own doorstep then let's have Scottish politicians dealing with things that are elected to deal with. I'm sure aid is not a devolved matter. If it isn't I'd like to see a budget line in the SNPs manifesto as to how much they are going to allocate to it.

17 April 2007, 16:54:43 GMT+01:00