Saturday 15 December 2007

Scottish Engineering

We enjoyed nice light for photography today:

Forth Bridge
Originally uploaded by David Farrer

Falkirk Wheel
Originally uploaded by David Farrer

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David Farrer said...

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David, I've just run a post on the Scots.
21 December 2007, 13:24:46 GMT – Like – Reply

Prof. Henry Higgins
'Brogue' is a term used for the Irish mode of speech. Scots have an accent, unless, of course, they were educated at public school.
20 December 2007, 00:07:26 GMT – Like – Reply

I was listening to an Alex Harvey interview today and realized how nice Scots brogue sounds. Might have to move to the land of sophistry and mist [not my words of course].
18 December 2007, 22:27:05 GMT – Like – Reply

David Farrer

My wife's always asking if I've used a filter on my photos!

Almost always the answer is no, apart from a UV one to protect the lens.

The Scottish light is the best filter...
17 December 2007, 19:24:31 GMT – Like – Reply

David Farrer

Link added today.
17 December 2007, 19:22:49 GMT – Like – Reply

You did indeed - it looks fabulous. Super photo-apparat as well, David. Do you use filters?
17 December 2007, 16:34:36 GMT – Like – Reply

Reason and Capitalism
Ah, the bridge looks beautiful.

I notice that we both are blogging about the same concept, that being liberty, and would like to offer a link trade, like all good liberty-loving, capitalist bloggers do.

I'll add a link to your site in my blogroll for a link to my site or my capitalism page ( -- Reason and Capitalism).

Let me know when you decide!
17 December 2007, 06:30:55 GMT