Monday 3 December 2007

The new Libertarian Party

Hat tip to DK for this news:
A new force in British politics has been born. A new party to work for the interests of the United Kingdom and its people.

The Libertarian Party will be mounting its official launch in the New Year, along with a raft of actions and policies to roll back the draconian and authoritarian style of Government of the past 10 years.

On this post I expressed my general agreement with Neil Lock when he wrote this:
To sum up. A libertarian political party, in my view, is not the way forward for us lovers of freedom. For the state and its politics today are failing. To get ourselves deeply involved in politics would be exactly the wrong thing to do. Instead, we should continue to promote the ideas and values of individual liberty. We should aim to change the mental climate in favour of liberty. And, when we can, we should give the failing political system a helping hand in its self-destruction.
Way back in the early days of the Libertarian Alliance some of the comrades wanted to start a Libertarian Party but it never happened.

Wisely though, we took the view that In our Movement's House are Many Rooms. There was never any "party line" in the Libertarian Alliance for or against political activity. Some members pursued political action in various ways (*) and others chose the path of changing the culture.

Good luck to the new LP. Perhaps its time has come.

(* I myself got a mighty 199 votes in Hampstead for the Campaign to Abolish the GLC!)

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