Friday 25 July 2008

Hell's Bells

The new, post Glasgow-East Scotland should work towards being free of that curse of our time - the nanny state. Scottish nannies were just fine before the concept became politicised.

Here's the latest madness:

The historic clock bells of a Borders town have been silenced at night after an investigation by environmental health officers.

It followed a complaint by a bed and breakfast owner about the sound coming from the Galashiels war memorial.

...The council said that by silencing the clock the it was just "moving with the times".

They've got that right - Health and Safety takes priority over a war memorial.

In case you think this is another example of the ZaNuLab tyranny, think again:

Scottish Borders Council has 11 Wards, 10 Wards having 3 Elected Members and 1 Ward having 4 Elected Members (Councillor).

The political make-up of the Council is - Scottish Conservative and Unionists - 11; Liberal Democrats - 10; SNP - 6; Independent/No Ticket - 5; Borders Party - 2.

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