Saturday 19 July 2008

SNaPping the Polis

I see that the SNP has made a bit of a "gaffe". Well, according to the Scotsman that is:
Labour has criticised the SNP after it emerged a picture of two police officers was put on a leaflet distributed as part of the Nationalists' Glasgow East by-election campaign.
Here's the apology:
Central Scotland Deputy Chief Constable Iain MacLeod, whose officers feature on the pamphlet, told the newspaper that the image, which was taken as part of an official ministerial visit, had been used without the knowledge of the force.

An SNP spokeswoman said they had issued an apology to the officers involved through the Scottish Police Federation.

She added: "The police are an apolitical organisation who are doing a fantastic job in Glasgow East and across the country."

What the SNP should have said is that the police are our servants and until they stop harassing photographers they should stop being so hypocritical.

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