Monday 17 August 2009

And so it begins

It's only Monday morning and I've already managed to get to four events at the book festival.

First off on Saturday was Daniel Depp, brother of the more famous Johnny. This wasn't a particularly interesting talk, but Mrs F&W bought the book and no doubt I'll get round to reading it sometime.

Later on I heard Scottish crime writers Allan Guthrie and Stuart MacBride in a packed Peppers Theatre. This was a lively event chaired by the ever-ebullient Brian Taylor of BBC Scotland. Taylor was almost late as he had been delayed by Edinburgh's tramworks (sic). Guthrie was suitably somber as he read from his new prison novel Slammer. MacBride gave us an entertaining reading, swearing and singing performance. Aberdeen is the setting for MacBride's crime novels and apparently the city isn't as anti-Polish as claimed by some newspapers. Disconcertingly, the extremely theatrical MacBride's physical appearance reminded me of a colleague who is considerably more taciturn.

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David Farrer said...

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Colin Finlay
Aberdonians' alleged anti-Polish animus is probably due to a fundamental misunderstanding relating to the fact that the Northeastern city leads Scotland in the number of people who have legally changed their names and also boasts the lowest turnout in elections. 
Hence, visiting journalist have misheard and misconstrued the popular local maxim : 
"The only good poll is a Deed Poll".

19 August 2009, 03:34:32 GMT+01:00
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Oh you lucky man David. I'd have done anything to get a ticket to hear MacBride. Unfortunately they sold out like snaw aff a dyke.

17 August 2009, 13:17:23 GMT+01:00