Sunday 14 November 2010

China Syndrome

I once met Sir John Cowperthwaite at an event in St Andrews. He was probably the greatest Scot of the last century.

What did Sir John do? He created Hong Kong and that led the the rise of capitalism in China.

Can we here in Scotland prosper, whether independent or not?

Yes, of course we can. If, that is, we bring back the likes of Sir John.

Even British television is beginning to get the message.

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David Farrer said...

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Colin Finlay
DF,Singapore's social policies are the diametrical opposite of libertarianism. There was A British author on trial recently because of the contents of his book about the island - state's justice system. Also,Singapore's GLCs take up a large share of the Stock Exchange's Market Capitalisation. I have no problem with Singapore's policies but they have as much to do with libertarianism as I have with teetotalism.  
 GW Bush had not a bad record as Texas Governor but in Washington the Neocons quickly took control of his cash - eating Middle East policies.  
 There are a few American Black intellectuals of the Right and you named two, some of whose essays I have read. However, thanks to low average cognitive ability, Africans and African - descended people are unable to maintain a standard of civilisation similar to that of say, South Korea or Japan.  
 Former British colonies in Africa were developed by the Imperial power to a level that could not, upon independence, be sustained by indigenous Africans. Countries such as Zambia and Tanzania were left in an over - developed state, not an under - developed one.

16 November 2010, 07:03:21 GMT
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David Farrer
Yes, Singapore has done really well. Although some of its government expenditure is beyond strict libertarian boundaries what they do is done very effectively. Who here could do the same?

15 November 2010, 22:11:09 GMT
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David Farrer
You may be correct although I think culture is what matters. I wouldn't have voted for Obama were I an American but would have voted for Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams had either stood. Both are considerably blacker than the President. (Having a Harvard MBA didn't stop GW Bush from being such a big spender of the taxpayers' money...)

15 November 2010, 22:02:14 GMT
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David Farrer
Good question. I can't pick any single one but would nominate the following:  
Clerk Maxwell  
Whoever takes Annan/Queen of the South/Ayr/Kilmarnock to win the Champions League  
Over to you!

15 November 2010, 21:55:36 GMT
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On a tangent, David, who do you regard as the greatest Scot of all time?

15 November 2010, 21:40:06 GMT
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Neil Craig
Playing Devils'advocate i would have to say that the example of Singapore, as sold by the admirable Lee Kuan Yew, may have been as important. Singapore is a significantly more managed economy & has grown only slightly less successfully than Hong Kong. This suggests that a very well run government can achieve nearly as much as market freedom - however such governments are very rare & do not remain so.

15 November 2010, 13:56:43 GMT
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Colin Finlay
A great Scot, indeed, DF. However, like many racial egalitarians, you make the mistake of believing that, with sensible economic policies, all races are interchangeable and no disparity of outcome could possibly ensue.  
 If Sir John had fetched up in Haiti instead of Hong Kong we would probably not be lauding him now for the simple reason that applied capitalism is, inter alia, an intellectual pursuit (as any Harvard MBA will attest) for which the former country's denizens are, doubtless thanks to evolution, ill - equipped.  
 My favourite Scot of the last century, Sir Arthur Keith, understood this completely.

15 November 2010, 03:22:41 GMT