Saturday, 8 February 2003

The champagne lifestyle

I am seriously reconsidering my plan to consume my bottle of champagne when Tony Blair is removed from Downing Street. It might be more satisfying to celebrate the ousting of Derry Irvine:
TONY Blair’s mentor and friend, Lord "Derry" Irvine of Lairg, was awarded a 12.6 per cent pay rise yesterday - almost four times as much as troops heading for potential war in the Gulf.

The inflation-busting award - denounced as "incredible" - will make the Lord Chancellor the highest-paid politician in Britain, with an annual salary of £202,736.

To think that my wife and I were once enjoying a drink in a Westminster pub when this champion tax-consumer came in, sat at the next table and royally indulged himself at our expense. I am pleased to note that many Labour MPs are outraged at Irvine's new "package".

Anyway, Blair's about to join the Tories!