Wednesday, 26 February 2003

Targeted ads?

Now, the ads put on this site by Blogger are for the Oban Caledonian Hotel and highland cattle. Last week we had kilts and tartan. Is this really a coincidence?


Old Grouch said...

This morning it's the Oban Caledonian Hotel and the Cairn Lodge Hotel (as seen from the USA). 
Lovely country there. Have pleasant memories of a train trip from Glasgow (Queen Street?) to Oban one spring morning many years ago on the way to my sister's wedding on the Isle of Mull. Afterwards, I well understood why artists go there and never want to come back.

Originally posted 1st March 2003

David Farrer said...

David Farrer
On my Apple it still shows highland cattle and now how to get info about the US presidential election of 1992. 
As you are in Wales, perhaps your machine is being targeted by Welsh-speakers!

Originally posted 28th February 2003

Chris Rowe said...

Chris Rowe

As I type, there is an ad up for 'English Accent Reduction' ( Is this some sort of Scottish Executive scheme

Originally posted 28th February 2003