Tuesday, 25 February 2003

School lessons

So our top-performing state school is the only one not under local authority control:
The Glasgow school, where Sam Galbraith, the former education minister, sends his children, has been praised for its outstanding academic achievement since adopting independent status in 1987.

Jordanhill - formerly part of a teacher-training college - is funded directly by the Executive. It opted out of council control when the college decided it no longer needed the school and the local authority did not want it.

Labour hates the idea of directly-funded schools, which are able to escape from the dead hand of control by its know-nothing councillors. That doesn't stop the former education minister from sending his children to the type of school Labour wants to kill off.

I liked this comment from Chris Woodhead:

"Too few pupils from disadvantaged homes go to university because too many attend state schools in which inadequate teaching, low expectations and poor discipline combine to ensure that they end up knowing little or nothing.

"The tragedy is that the government’s absurd decision to load the university admissions dice in favour of candidates from such schools will remove the imperative to improve."

That's exactly right. I suppose that these educational victims, "knowing little or nothing", will become the next generation of Labour politicians.