Thursday 22 January 2004

Freeman and Whisky

And about time too!

Sir Sean Connery, the best-known Freeman of the City of Edinburgh, has signed up to market our national drink:

After years of being wooed by various distillers, Scotland’s most famous actor has agreed to front a major campaign for Dewar’s, the world’s fourth-largest whisky brand.

It is the first time Sir Sean has agreed to promote his country’s most illustrious export, with the deal reported to have cost the brand more than $1 million.

Sir Sean played hard to get:
Neil Boyd, the global brand director of the Aberfeldy-based company, ... said it had taken 18 months of negotiations to make the promotion happen.
I have no doubt that Dewar's will find the $1m to be money well-spent, but hope that 007 got every cent from them that he could.