Wednesday 14 January 2004

Here's to you, Mr Mandelson

It was the ultimate sacrifice. No man was more loyal to his master than the Member for Hartlepool. In accordance with the arcane doctrines of the NuLab cult, Peter Mandelson's moustache had to go:
Many Labour high fliers have sacrificed facial hair in the name of naked ambition.
But perhaps a terrible error has been made. Here's the latest from India:
POLICE in northern India are being paid an extra 30 rupees (36p) a month to grow a moustache to give them more authority.

Mayank Jain, a police superintendent in Madhya Pradesh, said police with moustaches were treated more seriously, but that shape and style would be monitored to ensure they did not look mean.

Grow it back, Mandy. You'll be back in the cabinet in no time.