Thursday 10 June 2004

Active feline

Kitten, the 24-year old "political activist", was the first inmate to be removed from Big Brother. Yesterday, she was in court for non-payment of parking fines:
She told a packed court in her home city of Brighton, Sussex, she had not paid the fines because of a £15,000 university debt.

Wearing jeans and an anti-capitalist T-shirt, she was twice told to be quiet by the magistrate.

When asked why she had failed to make the payments, dating back to April last year, she said: 'I haven't had enough money. I left university with £15,000 worth of student loans thanks to Mr Blair.

'It's thanks to Tony Blair, who said he was going to prioritise education and bring back grants and promised he wouldn't introduce top-up fees.'

What a nerve! This "anti-capitalist" can afford to run a car and is whingeing about paying her student loan. She should sell the car if she's unable to afford her debt repayments, but I imagine that it'll be those us who are "pro-capitalist" who end up out of pocket.

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David Farrer said...

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Squander Two (
I'm surprised that she missed her opportunity to blame Tony Blair for painting yellow lines along the sides of roads. I've been driving for twelve years and have never received a parking fine yet. They're really very easy to avoid. I suspect that Kitten is one of those people who would rather double-park and snarl up the traffic for the rest of us than park more than ten seconds' walk away from her destination.

11 June 2004, 12:14:47 GMT+01:00
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Verity (
I wonder what she took her "degree" in. Sociology? Education? Media Studies? What's the betting? 
For sure, not Nuclear Physics, Engineering, Aerospace, Law.

11 June 2004, 12:01:31 GMT+01:00
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Neil (
Since Green & Militant "activists" are almost identically opposed to private transport for others one would have thought that her principles would have forced her to give it up anyway. 
OK one wouldn't.

10 June 2004, 23:28:20 GMT+01:00
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Rob Read (
But her in a real Big Brother house (prison).

10 June 2004, 18:08:32 GMT+01:00