Thursday 10 June 2004

Are the UKIPpers sufficiently Scottish?

Does it matter that none of our local UKIP candidates actually resides in Scotland? I'm not so sure that it does. No doubt any winning candidate would rapidly establish a Scottish base and it does looks as though several of the hopefuls have Scottish connections. They are after all a UK party and, perhaps surprisingly, one that recognises Scotland as being a nation within the UK.

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Duffin (
They will be known, in the vernacular, as "feb's". 
Look it up.

14 June 2004, 12:42:21 GMT+01:00
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Stuart Dickson (
I agree with Neil on this one. 
It is well known that voters prefer candidates that, at least, make a concerted effort to reside in or near the electoral area. 
How likely are they to vote for someone that doesn't even live in the same country?

11 June 2004, 07:31:49 GMT+01:00
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Neil (
Yes it does because (A) it means that in Scotland they are not a party only a pile of advertising money & (B) if the Iraqis reasonably expect to be ruled by Iraqis we are going to as well.

10 June 2004, 23:32:08 GMT+01:00