Tuesday 8 June 2004

Road or rail?

Fans of railways are great letter writers:
People talk about putting rail at the heart of the country’s econ-omic growth, but the message coming from those with power to influence matters is hardly encouraging.
And Mr Elder's solution is - surprise, surprise:
A national strategy is needed, and sooner rather than later.
The national strategy that is required is really rather simple. It doesn't need an army of civil servants "planning" transport. God forbid. What is required is the proper recognition of property rights - something the Scottish Executive avoids at all costs.

Private road owners would ensure that vehicles pay the full cost of use. That may be more than what is currently collected in taxes. It may be less. But without privatisation of roads we will never enjoy a rational transport system. I'd be amazed if such a transport regime didn't include a sizable rail component.

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