Thursday 3 June 2004

Political language

The Scottish Socialists had to go to court to allow them to call Tony Blair a liar in a party election broadcast. The SSP won the case and their film has now been screened.

Calling Toneboy a liar seems a bit mild compared to the headline in The Sun today:

Minister is an EU traitor
According to the paper:
BRITAIN has been secretly signed up to an astonishing blueprint for an EU superstate, it emerged last night.

EU minister Denis MacShane has backed plans to surrender huge swathes of power to Brussels.

OUT would go Westminster’s right to set taxes, foreign, defence and immigration policy.

OUT would go our cherished seat at the top table of the world’s most powerful bodies.

Michael Howard says:
"Any idea that Britain’s sovereignty is safe in the hands of this Government has been blown out of the water.”
Quite correct of course, but what will Mr Howard do about it? Why won't he say that there could well be a need to withdraw from the EU - even if he doesn't think that we've reached that point yet? Unless that option is available, the Frankenreich can roll all over us.

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David Farrer said...

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These are not "our" rights, these are "your" rights. Common law, Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights are all purely English legislation and conventions, dating from pre-1707. 
How dare you complain about an "Evil Union" to Scots? There is one Union with which we are all too familiar, which daily impinges on our self-determination, and it ain't the European Union.

5 June 2004, 18:00:53 GMT+01:00
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David Ellams (
Every politician starting with the MacMillan government in the 60s is a traitor. 
Everyone of them by failing to speak out against the Evil Union has violated our rights under common law, Magna Carta, and the Bill of Rights.

5 June 2004, 08:10:02 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Ian Dodge (
Well put David.

4 June 2004, 12:46:07 GMT+01:00