Friday 3 September 2004

At least they know it's whisky

My sympathies are with the Canadians on this:
Canada’s drinking classes are up in arms over what they describe as the "heavy-handed" approach of the Scotch Whisky Association, which is attempting to prevent the sale of the country’s Glen Breton single malt because "it sounds too Scottish". The SWA says it believes the use of the word "Glen", which is used in popular brands such as Glenfiddich, Glenlivet and Glenmorangie, could mislead the public into thinking the drink, which retails at £35 a bottle, is a real Scotch, distilled in Scotland.
It's one thing to object to wrong usage of the word "Scotch", as the Canadians accept:
Glenora’s president, Lauchie MacLean, whose ancestors emigrated to Canada from Scotland 200 years ago, said he respected the fact that the SWA has to protect the name of Scotch
But Mr Maclean is fully justified in saying:
"To argue that ‘glen’ solely belongs to Scotland and the Scotch Whisky Association is a little bit strong. Glenora distillery is in the community of Glenville, which is right next door to Glenora Falls, which is right next door to Glen Dea."
Canada was largely developed by Scots, so let them use the word "glen". Besides, the Canadians do know how to spell whisky!

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Alastair Ross
As noted, the Scottish contribution to nation building in Canada was vast and I am reminded of an amusing exchange (unapocryphal,one hopes) between the Scots born CEO of The Hudson`s Bay Company and the then Governor General, Lord Tweedsmuir( John Buchan, as all educated Scots know). Tweedsmuir, during his extensive travels around northern Canada, met many Hudson's Bay trading post managers, virtually all of whom were Scots, many of them married to Eskimo( sorry, Innuit)women. When Tweedsmuir asked the Hudson's Bay CEO why there were no Englishmen married to local people, he was told - ''Well the Eskimos have to draw a line somewhere''.

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