Wednesday 8 September 2004

Health and the Old Firm

Now we know the real reason why the Scottish NHS is in crisis:
The study, however, concludes that stress-related disorders could have serious implications for society. As Rangers fans are also more susceptible to heart attacks brought on by stress, an intolerable strain could be placed on an already under-pressure NHS.
For the benefit of non-Scots readers some further explanation may be required:
IT’S official - supporting Glasgow Rangers can seriously damage your mental health and bring on bouts of paranoia, according to a study. The claim emerged after psychologists identified a series of mental disorders currently afflicting supporters of Rangers FC, ranging from depression to an aversion to human contact, following seven straight defeats by their bitter city rivals Celtic.
I wonder. Last Friday I had lunch with a Rangers fan and he didn't seem to be suffering from paranoia unless the feelings that we rational folk have about the Blair regime could be so described.

In an hour or so I shall be sharing an office with a Celtic fan and I shall try to see whether "stress levels among Celtic fans were virtually nonexistent due to a "feel good factor" brought on by total dominance of the league and some excellent performances in European competition." Of course the Celtic supporter's stress level might well increase somewhat if I were to direct him to the blog run by my Rangers friend. It has a bright orange background!

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Roland Watson
As that selfsame Rangers fan, I confess to not going to many games recently and do feel a lot better.  

16 September 2004, 10:24:34 GMT+01:00