Sunday 19 September 2004

Heading homeward to fight again

A large-scale re-enactment of the Battle of Bannockburn was held yesterday outside Stirling. This time, Scotland came close to losing:
However, the star of the show almost failed to make the battle after breaking down on the motorway. The actor playing Bruce and his horse missed Friday’s rehearsal after becoming stranded in the Midlands with a broken trailer, but they arrived in time for the main event.
This kind of breakdown just didn't happen in 1314 although if King Robert had tried to get to Bannockburn on the rush hour M80 there may well have been a different result.

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David Farrer said...

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Geoff Matthews
Why not? Bruce's ancestors were Flemish, weren't they? 
Granted, the Flemish aren't all that bad.

19 September 2004, 22:28:10 GMT+01:00
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What was the actor playing Bruce, let alone his horse, doing in the Midlands? 
I very much hope he wasn't (shudder) English.

19 September 2004, 22:07:30 GMT+01:00