Monday 6 September 2004

Shipping and Glasgow

I'm always pleased to read some good news about Glasgow's economy, especially when it concerns one of the city's best-known industries:
GLASGOW is outperforming London in the shipping services sector as the two maritime centres face contrasting fortunes in the face of aggressive overseas competition...

While London remains the world’s most important centre for ship broking, legal services and insurance - although it could cede its pre-eminent position in as little as ten years - Glasgow has arguably become the western world’s ship management capital.

Glasgow remains a centre of shipbuilding, albeit on a much smaller scale than in the good old days, but it's nice to know that the services side is doing well. I wonder why the current political regime doesn't make more of this success - after all Glasgow is their heartland. Maybe the words "management" and "capital" are too shocking for the denizens of old Labour. And besides, it looks as though shipping services are doing well without state aid. Not something to be encouraged!

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