Saturday 1 October 2005

Bring on the next idiot

On the way to New Lanark I heard the news reports on the Conservative leadership campaign. Naively I had hoped that David Davis might have something to offer. Within seconds of speaking he was going on about something called "social justice". Good grief. Hasn't the man read any Hayek?

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David Farrer said...

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Wild Pegasus
What's he going to say, that he wants to abolish state schooling and the NHS and reduce the military by 85%?

5 October 2005, 19:36:39 GMT+01:00
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So New Labour it's untrue. 
'Modern Conservatives' preaching "for the many and not just the privileged few" vs 'New Labour' with "for the many, not the few". 
Modern Labour or New Conservatives? 
What the tories really need is an anti-Blair leader. It's no wonder the media covers personalities so heavily when all the opposition say is "We agree with Blair, but we would go ever so slightly futher/less far)". An anti-Blair wouldn't be ashamed to admit that tax cuts mean less money to the NHS, but would put the case forwards that more people would be able to afford private care so the NHS wouldn't need as much money anyway. 
Since '97 politicians haven't really been about trying to persuade people to agree with their politic, but rather persuade themselves they believe whatever they think the electorate think. Too much is made of politicians being "out of touch" when they step out of the millimeter thin centre ground the two main parties occupy.

2 October 2005, 11:57:10 GMT+01:00