Tuesday 25 October 2005

Private and public

There's a reply today to my recent letter in the Scotsman.

Mr Arbuckle writes:

... anyone limiting themselves to newspapers in their search for employment in the private sector should move with the times and sign up with several agencies instead
Point (1): Is the writer not implying that the public sector isn't moving with the times?

Point (2): Since moving back to Scotland I have had one (continuing) part-time job in the private sector and two part-time jobs in the non-profit-but-state-subsidised sector. I was also offered two other jobs in the state subsidised sector but was unable to take them up because of other commitments. The private sector job was advertised in the Scotsman. All of the state-subsidised jobs were via employment agencies.

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

On the other hand you could start your own business.  
One of the advantages to a capitalist of so much of the economy being in the public sector is that there must be lots of potential markets in Scotland that are not filled since so many people are "working" ineffectually in the public sector. 
So I think theat one way of getting rich is to go to some country where the private sector is larger and identify some trade that is not present in Scotland, which is not too labour intensive, and that could plausably work here, and implement it here.  
For example I noticed in the mid 90s that self storage was big in Florida, at the time there was none in Scotland, now it is emerging as a significant market sector here. I feel this strategy is potentially ridiculously profitable.

31 October 2005, 14:34:23 GMT
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Neil Craig
His point would have been better if he had produced some evidence that job agencies have a very different state/state funded charity/private strategy (& to be fair I think they have a somewhat ratio).

26 October 2005, 20:17:37 GMT+01:00