Sunday 5 February 2006

Freedom, eventually

Rather surprisingly, the Scottish Parliament has decided that we own our own bodies.

Well, after death that is:

A new law to increase the number of organs available for transplant has been passed by MSPs.

But the Human Tissue (Scotland) Bill stopped short of "presumed consent, which would have required people to "opt out" of being an organ donor.

It's certainly no surprise to learn that the "Liberals" think that your body belongs to the state:
The move to presumed consent, proposed by Liberal Democrat MSP John Farquhar Munro and supported by the British Medical Association (BMA), was backed by several MSPs.
Needless to say, we still belong to the state while we're alive.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer
I read this in the printed version at the weekend. I am in favour of liberty rather than growth or non-growth per se, but there are millions of people in the world who would welcome the growth that is invariably associated with liberty. 
Whenever I read an article that uses the term "neo-liberal" I can be pretty sure that the author doesn't understand economics or liberalism (in its correct sense). I wasn't wrong in this case. 
Millionaires who moan about people having too much "stuff" rarely give away many of their own possessions.

6 February 2006, 11:07:16 GMT
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Apropos what appears to be your presentation of Emma Thompson's wealth as refutation of her opinion that a cult of having is a bad thing:

6 February 2006, 09:54:35 GMT