Monday 6 February 2006

A "guru" campaigns

There's nothing wrong with campaigning on dietary matters. Like this:
THE TV health guru Gillian McKeith has launched a campaign to kill off a much-loved Scots delicacy.

The dietitian, who helped Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus to shed five stones, now has the famous Aberdeen rowie, or buttery, in her sights.

While visiting the area at the weekend, she said: "I'm here to banish the buttery. Aberdeen is in need of my help."

The problem arises when politicians get involved and try to impose their values on the populace instead of leaving things to the market. Let's hope that Ms McKeith sticks to persausion and doesn't resort to force.

Anyway, the Aberdeen diet can't be doing too much harm.

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David Farrer said...

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The buttery: well, for heaven's sake it's the food of the Gods. Breakfast bliss.

7 February 2006, 04:42:34 GMT
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dave t
Or when a 'fake' Dr gets involved....her 'Doctorate' is from a US distance learning college apparently - that huge darts player Andy someone got one for a joke just so the Sun could show how easy it is and how pathetic McKeith is. Proper doctors are horrified that she claims to tell from someone's poo what their diet needs....load of ruhbarb (which is high in fibre by the way!)

6 February 2006, 17:47:01 GMT