Monday 20 February 2006

Should I be a Lib Dem speechwriter?

An interesting story in the Sunday Times:
Has Gordon Brown’s mood lightened since his little setback in Dunfermline and West Fife, where he happens to live? Sadly no. The chancellor failed to see the funny side of things when Malcolm Bruce, the Scottish Lib Dem president, bumped into him in the Commons and suggested introducing him to his MP, Willie Rennie. “He didn’t seem too keen and just rushed off without a word,” said Rennie.
I can just imagine Mr Rennie's words:
Pleased to meet you Mr Brown. I understand that you work round here somewhere. Now, if you have any problems you'd like to discuss with your new MP, you're welcome to attend my constituency surgery. Perhaps you've got career worries, concerns about your pension or maybe a troublesome neighbour who could do with an ASBO order?

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David Farrer said...

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Jack Maturin
Being an anarcho-capitalist I am of course ENTIRELY uninterested in which lickspittle tax parasite becomes MP in any constituency in the UK, at the next General Election. But I would be SORELY tempted to raise a smile if a Brown-led Labour Party won another huge landslide at the next election, but without the Great Man himself making it over the constituency line, losing by 2 votes to a decapitating Liberal candidate. "Were you up for Brown?" they'll be saying, for years afterwards. I may even be tempted to stay up myself!

24 February 2006, 15:51:52 GMT
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Neil Craig
Interesting that the story quotes Rennie rather than Bruce - this suggests that Rennie is indeed good at PR (public relations not proportional representation).

23 February 2006, 19:38:28 GMT
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Nice story. 
Willie Rennie made a guest appearance at the Lib Deb leadership hustings on Sunday. He seemed like a interesting guy.

22 February 2006, 12:24:55 GMT