Friday 10 February 2006

So long, pension thief

Isn't politics exciting - even for an anarcho-capitalist like me?

Labour has been defeated right in Gordon Brown's own backyard. The changes in the parties' share of the total vote since last year are:

Labour: down 35.43%
Liberal Democrat: up 77.70%
SNP: up 10.92%
Conservative: down 24.30%
SSP: down 4.44%
UKIP: down 60.34%
What's especially heartening is to remember that Labour lost the religious hatred vote in the Commons because so many of its MPs were up campaigning in Dunfermline at the time.

And I wonder if the Tories now regret shafting the obvious local candidate.

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Duffin
I don't think the Tory vote means anything at all. 
Who in their right mind would expect anyone to vote tory in Dunfermline? 
I mean - even the local cats and dogs are Labour supporters.  
No it's a poke in the eye for el Gordo all right, but the seat will of course return to Labour at the general election, with no publicity whatever.

12 February 2006, 13:47:13 GMT
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David Farrer
And if his surname had been "Richard"! 
(Or "Small". Or "Slick".)

11 February 2006, 18:57:17 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Did anyone else find it funny his supporters were yelling "Willie...Willie..." on Newsnight last night?

11 February 2006, 12:20:32 GMT
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Those of us who know many Fifers will be confident that they voted for the Sexual Licence and Perversion Party. I'd probably have done so too - anything to dump the Sanctimonious Lying Git and Dour Bastard Party.

11 February 2006, 04:49:35 GMT
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Neil Craig
They could only vote for the people standing.  
Of these they chose the most credible non-Labour candidate, which, in a traditional Labour stronghold, is remarkable. This is the sort of place where you could historicly successfully put up a chimpanzee with a red rosette.  
With the SNP adopting market growth orientated policies it can no longer be claimed that Scotland is openly socialist.

10 February 2006, 17:51:47 GMT
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Aaron Potts
Where is the victory here? 
The Scots have voted for more government and more intrusion into their liberties. 
Have I missed something?????? 
Is Scotland dead??????? 
Aussie Scot

10 February 2006, 16:14:08 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Doubt it. He will probably still get the blame for the loss because he didnt take his shafting in the correct manner.

10 February 2006, 13:57:00 GMT