Monday 25 September 2006


SNP politician Mike Russell has called for a gradual approach to independence. That seems a sensible idea for his party.
MIKE Russell, one of the SNP's senior figures, has risked an angry backlash from party activists by proposing a gradual approach to independence - taking a series of small steps rather than securing everything with one big referendum victory.

Mr Russell has suggested the concept of a "New Union" with England which would see Westminster retain control over foreign affairs and defence, leaving Scotland with every other domestic policy agenda, including finance.

I'd stop at that point, but of course Mr Russell would want to move beyond the "New Union".

Note the backlash in the comments. For example:

Mike's ideas on the union aren't the really bad bits. Did anyone else see the stuff on privatisation of the health service, water boards, etc? He's been drinking the Thatcherite Kool Aid, that's what.

I must have been asleep - I missed the privatisation of the NHS.

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David Farrer said...

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Jim H
I think Joe hits the nail on the head. The prize of independence is what so many want. The feeling of winning something so you can celebrate an Independence Day each year. A graduallist approach wouldn't provide the psychological lift that the down-trodden seem to need. Of course it would be a more stable way of achieving the same goal but pragmatism should never get in the way of dogma, especially not in the Future Socialist Republic of Scotland.

2 October 2006, 13:46:20 GMT+01:00
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Ian Thorpe
Yeah, well they don't want to cut the umbilical cord while Scots hold the top two positions in government do they?

28 September 2006, 16:39:05 GMT+01:00
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I agree with Wild Peggy, except that there is no England to seperate from. Blair, Brown, Reid, Cameron, Campbell et al, aided by the Welshman Prestcott, have abolished 85% of this island, largely because the English are so busy paying the "Greet Broon's" taxes that they have little time to arouse nationalistic ardour as do their Scottish brothers, but also because they are conservative. 
But, if Scotland moves gently away from England, the day will dawn when England finds itself wonderfully independent by default. How very English! How very nice! 
A federal government could serve us all well, Englishman and Scotsman alike.

28 September 2006, 10:37:14 GMT+01:00
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"There's a rally this weekend in Edinburgh for a referendum on independence (find out more at a good turn out at that will hopefully force the Executive to take the concept of independence more seriously." 
You think so?  
I don't mean to rain on your parade Joe, but that bunch of self righteous nannying authoritarians are not likely to listen to anybody unless they are in serious danger of being booted out their overpaid jobs. 
If you seriously think they will listen to anybody as lowly as their ‘subjects’ you have totally failed to understand the socialist mindset of that executive.

27 September 2006, 21:07:41 GMT+01:00
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I disagree guys. It doesn't make sense at a time when independence is the most popular constitutional option for the Scottish people to give up on defence policy and our seat at the UN.  
We need to keepo our feet on the accelerator and push for independence, if the unionists offer more powers for the parliament then by all means take them but we need to keep our eye fixed on the main prize.  
There's a rally this weekend in Edinburgh for a referendum on independence (find out more at a good turn out at that will hopefully force the Executive to take the concept of independence more seriously. 
A referendum on independence is our democratic right as a nation and we need to push for the full rights we are entitled to rather than suggesting we might be easily bought off with less.

27 September 2006, 12:36:15 GMT+01:00
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Got to agree with Josh and Mike Russel, it is time for a federal union instead of the hotch potch affair we have now. 
Let all parts contribute to defence and foreign affairs on a fair per person basis and be both fiscally and operationally independent beyond that.

26 September 2006, 17:06:48 GMT+01:00
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Wild Pegasus
I'm not sure why anyone's so opposed to the idea. It would be like arguing against tax cuts because you think taxes ought not exist. 
In any case, I think a peaceful but complete separation of Scotland and England would be best for both countries. I wish the Scots all the best. 
- Josh

26 September 2006, 05:45:54 GMT+01:00
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Bernie Hughes
I find Russell generally does have interesting things to say. I wouldn't necessarily agree with everything attributed to him by SoS, but at least he's thinking outside the box a little.

25 September 2006, 12:08:09 GMT+01:00