Sunday 10 September 2006

What, no Conservatives!

As the Sunday Herald explains, the Labour shenanigans have a Scottish dimension. And I don't mean that both Blair and Brown come from these parts. We have elections coming up for the Scottish parliament next May and everyone accepts that the result will be affected by the outcome of the Labour struggle.

But note the absence of any mention of the Conservative party. Down at Westminster all the talk is of how any Labour leader can beat the Tories. Up here, they're not even worth mentioning.

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David Farrer said...

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John Coles
Well, speaking from south of the border, I hope that you're wrong. The trouble with Cameron's Conservative party is that they have difficulty looking beyond the M25 let alone as far as Scotland.

12 September 2006, 09:20:36 GMT+01:00
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Anon A Moss
Yes I think it probable that Cameron and the Tories generally regard Scotland as a lost cause politically. When they are back in power, and it is an when not an if, they will remove the voting rights of Scottish MP's and probably scarp Barnett and push Holyrood towards independence whether it likes it or not. 
It will happen eventually. It has always been thought that Scotland might leave the Union, but ironically it looks like it may actually be the English who decide the Unions time is up.

11 September 2006, 20:06:19 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Writing about the Tories in Scotland must be like writing about paint drying. Because Cameron has his 18 month hiatus before deciding what they believe in they are going to go into the Scottish election with no policies. I presume he has written off the Scots Tories & it rather looks as if they have too.

11 September 2006, 15:18:22 GMT+01:00