Monday 18 September 2006

What about us?

The Social Democrats have lost the Swedish election.

Good. But note this:

The election was closely watched by governments of other EU countries facing the need of welfare reform because of ageing populations and creaking pension and healthcare systems.
And will would-be governments be watching? Here's Alex Salmond when he took over the SNP leadership for the second time:
"We intend to lead a government of purpose and direction so that we can offer the people of this nation the opportunity to move forward to independence, democracy and equality."

He said the party would develop a new economic policy and a new vision of social democracy for Scotland.

Will Mr Salmond now be advocating welfare reform? And will some of Scotland's all-too-many socialist politicians in the other parties be looking at Sweden with a degree of trepidation? The governmental system over here creaks at least as much as that of Sweden.

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David Farrer said...

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Campbell McLaren
Equality? OK, here's how it's done. You pass a Communist-style law mandating marriage (non-homosexual, of course)between Scotland's Mensa members and some specially selected members of the wastrel underclass. This would of course require some Roman Catholic fine-tuning, ie no divorce permitted as the obvious marital mismatch (in the welcome interests of Leftism, you understand)would be unlikely to endure longer than Tony Blair's amusing TUC - conference demotic accent.

24 September 2006, 08:27:29 GMT+01:00
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Sandy P
-- independence, democracy and equality-- 
Won't work.

23 September 2006, 18:27:05 GMT+01:00