Monday 4 September 2006

Read this and weep

This morning I took a trip over to Holyrood to see the World Press Photo Exhibition. It's certainly worth a look despite the leftist bias in the selection of shots.

The real shocker was on the way home. I got on the number 36 bus for the ride back into town. What seemed to be a mother and son got on at the same stop and sat a couple of seats behind me.

She: "It's really nice, the way that the countryside goes right into the city. Arthur's Seat is quite something. You'll like it here"

He: "Uh."

She: "I think you'll need three "B"s to get in to Edinburgh."

He: "Yeah."

She: "Have you any more idea about what you'll study?"

He: Grunts

She: "How about economic history?"

He: "Sounds boring."

She: "Aren't you interested in architecture? How about history of architecture?"

He: "Sounds a bit difficult."

She: "Well, you'll have to decide before you apply."

He: "Suppose so."

She: "Of course, we'll have to pay a fee if you come here. The Scots don't have to."

He: "Why's that?"

She: "Because they have a different government from us in England."

He: "Didn't know that."

He had of course got on the bus right outside the front door of the Scottish Parliament.

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