Thursday 19 October 2006

The Dear Leader

Ewan Aitken is the recently elected leader of the City of Edinburgh Council. The guy who takes £184.00 from me every month. I noticed this on his new blog:
I was very proud to see over 200 staff turn up on a cold morning to take part in the world record making stand up against poverty This campaign is calling on world leaders not to forget the commitments they made when they signed up to the UN Millennium Development goals to be achieved by 2015,
I wonder if the 200 misguided taxeaters were demonstrating in their own time. I think we should be told.

There was a wonderful Freudian slip on the same post:

Edinburgh is a creator of great wealth. We have amoral responsibility to share that wealth.
Oh dear.

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Ian Dodge
Lol that is a rather good line that is and completely accurate.

21 October 2006, 11:01:45 GMT+01:00