Monday 23 October 2006

Help ma Boab Bobbie, or whatever

James Higham is correct. We residents of the Jockosphere should have picked this one up:
But Glasgow City Council, whose senior figures include Lady Provost Liz Cameron and leisure director and First Minister's wife Bridget McConnell, is clear about the problem of oppressed women in its ranks.

The issue is laid out in "Language Matters: A Guide for Good Practice", which has been circulated to the council's staff and elected officials.

"Sexism continues to disadvantage women both as service users and employees. The use of sexist language, whether spoken or written, reinforces this discrimination," it declares. All staff, it orders, should now stop their sexist ways.

There are 331 comments so far on Scotland on Sunday.

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The beautiful thing is that Scotland on Sunday have a facility for 'report as unsuitable'. Think I'll scan down the 330 or so comments and report some of them, e.g. the Midlothian Hen Helen, as entirely unsuitable. Fine blog you have here - don't know how I've missed it so far, particularly as my tipple is a single malt.
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Title: Sexism
Excerpt: Further to this eruption of Politically Correct crazyness in Glasgow:

From The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - if you hadn't already figured that out.
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