Wednesday 4 October 2006


Over on Iain Dale's site he mentions a BBC report about the forthcoming Internet TV station, 18 Doughty Street.

According to the BBC the new station will be:

“… a sort of British version of Fox News, which is Rupert Murdoch’s news channel in the United States. Fox is attacked for being politically partisan and that of course is not allowed here.”
"Not allowed here"!

I had to pour myself a wee dram.

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David Farrer said...

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Not allowed here. Bah!  
Fox news is not politically biased. Their NEWS reporting comes straight from the AP and Reuters feeds like pretty much every body else. The only way one can call it "biased" is that they don't go out of their way to spin everything to the left like almost every other news channel does (on a side note, if hypocrisy was fatal half of the employees at the BBC would be rotting corpses right now after any BBC journalist accusing another station for being partisan and biased).  
Their political OPINION talk shows are very right-wing biased. Why? Because there is a huge market for them Viewers sick to death of being fed liberal talking points as gospel from every other piece of politburo approved media that crosses their path = untapped ratings. Hence the amazing success of conservative talk radio here in the USA compared to the dismal failure of liberal radio.

17 October 2006, 18:41:53 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Those who disagree with the BBC are, by definition, partisan. The BBC are merely being accurate, particularly when they arn't.

7 October 2006, 12:51:09 GMT+01:00
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Sorry. I missed the 'that' in the quote. Long day. Ignore the above

5 October 2006, 17:14:55 GMT+01:00
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Not true. Fox is available on a Sky package. Check their website.

5 October 2006, 17:13:28 GMT+01:00