Saturday 28 October 2006

Does Scotland need a commuting Czar?

Perhaps we do:
CAR commuting has reached its highest level since devolution despite efforts by the Scottish Executive to improve public transport, its own figures showed yesterday.
Then again, maybe it's none of the politicians' business how we get to work. In fact, I can't help thinking about the large Volvo that I see in Charlotte Square at around 9am when I walk past Bute House on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Yes, it's the one waiting (usually with engine running) to take Jack McConnell over to Holyrood. Why doesn't he take the Number 36 bus?

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David Farrer said...

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When did you ever see a politican take a bus? That will be a first.
30 October 2006, 20:37:14 GMT – Like – Reply

David Farrer
Actually, on Thursday there was a police van parked opposite when I went past!
28 October 2006, 12:40:54 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

As far as I know, it is an offence to leave the engine running while the vehicle is stationary. This vehicle needs to be reported to the Police
28 October 2006, 12:19:56 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply