Monday 5 February 2007

Isn't Murdoch a Scottish name?

Dizzy writes about the new Times website:
They've started using a sickly green colour for some of the text, and someone has decided to hard code the width of the site in pixels rather than allow it to resize gracefully around the web browser.
Last weekend I noticed that the difficult-to-find Sunday Times index for Scotland had disappeared. (The edition we get up here has lots of Scottish news and commentary that isn't in the English version.)

I sent this e-mail to the Sunday Times:

The "Scotland" section of your website seems to have disappeared from its usual location this week. Where can I find it?
Here's the reply:
I apologise for the omission of Scottish editions this week and for the forthcoming couple of weeks. I can reassure you that no specific editorial decision has been taken to drop them: it is for purely technical reasons surrounding ongoing work that is happening on our site. They should return soon.
Perhaps I'll get used to the new web design, but I certainly hope that the Scottish part of it returns quickly. Of course it's up to the Times to decide which bits of their site to remove (temporarily?) during their redesign but I wouldn't mind betting that someone in London who's never been north of the M25 thought that nobody up here would notice. I have and I'm watching. For the record, I do buy the paper as well.

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